Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Last but not least...

Karoline is an illustrator who creates images by hand using drawing, painting, silk screen printing and Japanese Gocco printing. She sees her work as a craft and strives to maintain a handmade element which is what initially led her to explore printmaking. She now designs, makes and sells a range of multiples including greetings cards, small artists' books and prints. 
Collaboration and participation are also important elements of Karoline's creative practice; she shares her skills and ideas with others through a variety of projects including limited edition publications, exhibitions and workshops.

After meeting and working with Yee Ting Kuit, Karoline began to look at different ways they could collaborate in order to promote their illustration and in 2008 Karoline organised was the very first Girls Who Draw postcard book, entitled Misfits. She assembled a disparate group of female illustrators many of whom already made their own fanzines, comics and merchandise. One of these illustrators was Gemma Correll, who suggested the theme of Misfits. Together the group were able to publish a promotional postcard book featuring a selection of their own illustrations all based on Gemma's theme. Since then Karoline has gone on to co-ordinate three more Girls Who Draw postcard books, Menagerie, Magic and now Mythical Creatures. She co-ordinates group exhibitions to accompany the books and also works on limited edition fanzines and colouring books featuring her artwork and that of other female illustrators. 

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